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We exist to connect the dots – bridging care in and outside the hospital walls.

Customized Training

Our algorithms enable us to tailor the family caregiver training according to their assessed needs and those of their loved ones post-discharge.

Care Continuity

When a family caregiver and a care recipient interact with the healthcare system, CARE is the only constant and should remain that way.

We ensure uninterrupted care through our daily care prompts and assessments using our proprietary standards to determine and communicate risk alerts.

Seemless Integration

We cannot afford any interruption to care.

Our system therefore integrates with any EHR or workflow seamlessly.

Stringent Security

Our software uses best in class security systems ensuring both privacy and security at all times.

Effortless Accessibility

Family caregivers enjoy the ease of our services.

We meet them wherever they are on whatever device they have.

Having the quality care you deliver be reflected sometimes feels unattainable.

We understand. Let us show you how.

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